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5 of the Best Fall Décor Ideas for Your Home

5 of the Best Fall Décor Ideas for Your Home

Piles of pumpkins, a cool breeze in the air, and the crunch of leaves; the fall season is one that many people love. Not only does it signify the beginning of a new season, but it also marks the start of the holidays. This means an abundance of new decorating opportunities that can last you from the first week of October until those holiday decorations come out of the attic.

Go All Natural

The fall season is full of festive décor that will transform your home. Pumpkins are one of the easiest ways to incorporate nature into your decorations. Pumpkins, as well as gourds, come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as colors. If allergies are a worry, fake pumpkins can be carved, and lights can be added for a nice touch of nature without the mess. You can also use small details like seasonal branches and flowers along with acorns, nuts, and pinecones to bring in that refreshing fall scent as well as the distinctly seasonal look.

Pillows to Throws

An easy way to change the look of any room is by adding accessories such as seasonal throw blankets and pillows. Wicker furniture can completely change the look of your living space and provide a more open and seasonally appropriate look. For those who may not want to move all the furniture in the home, you can always accent with a festive blanket over the top of the couch. Affordable pillowcases also allow you to make use of existing throw pillows. By using a case, you can easily decorate without taking up too much storage space as well as quickly changing pillow coverings between the holidays within a single season. 

While your home may have a theme throughout the year, part of decorating for the new season is finding new art pieces and knick-knacks that can tie a room together.

Get Ready for Guests

Guests are the best part of any holiday, and you want to ensure that they feel welcomed in a seasonally appropriate atmosphere. Put most of your effort towards the front porch, living area and the kitchen. Wake up these areas with warm lighting, a more neutral color palette and decorations such as scarecrows, leaves and cornucopias. During the Halloween season, remember to add some spooky décor like creepy spider webbing and a whole lot of candy. Also, remember to prepare your guest room with some seasonally appropriate decorations and add some heavier bed sheets and blankets for the incoming cold weather.

Be Artsy

While your home may have a theme throughout the year, part of decorating for the new season is finding new art pieces and knick-knacks that can tie a room together. Halloween appropriate candy dishes, fall landscape pictures and little accents in colors such as burnt orange, purple or gold.

The Outdoors Matter

If you want to decorate your home from top to bottom, remember not to neglect your outdoor space. Whether you have a patio, porch or deck, the outdoor space can pull it all together and give your home the ultimate fall feeling. Use things like cornstalks and pumpkins to accent these areas. Make sure that all décor you use is outdoor friendly and secure items with ground stakes. Tombstones, scarecrows and shaped patio lights can all bring together this final space that will make your home pop for the season.

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While your décor is incredibly important, what truly pulls everything together is lighting. Fall is about warm lights that create the ambiance of cool evenings that make you want to cuddle up with loved ones. At Northern Lighting, we have all the possible lighting options you could want to make your home just that bit more festive. When you stop by our showroom, look for the blue dots to save BIG this fall! Stop by our showroom today!