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Set the Mood on Valentine’s Day with Cozy Lighting

Set the Mood on Valentine’s Day with Cozy Lighting

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and many people are going to be pulling out all of the romantic stops. For those who are preparing to celebrate a new or old love, as well as those who are looking to make a meaningful connection this year, the following tips can help transform your home into a space that is cozy and inviting. Everyone knows how important lighting can be when setting a mood and we're going to show you just how to do it.

As Simple as Changing a Light Bulb

One of the fastest, easiest and least expensive ways to bring a romantic feel to your home is by changing a few light bulbs. Often, we choose lighting based solely on practical matters, and it is easy to go a bit overboard on wattage. That can leave rooms feeling sterile rather than sexy, which is not conducive to romance. Try switching to lower wattage bulbs, or selecting a bulb that produces a softer light. To play around with something entirely new, consider trying a colored bulb. Red and pink are popular choices and can transform the appeal of virtually any room. You can also drape one of your lamps with a scarf. Just make sure that the scarf is far enough away from the bulb to ensure that it does not become too hot. Safety first! 

Choose Unusual Sources of Light

Another way to create a sense of romance is by bringing light into a space in unusual and interesting ways. There are many different websites that offer ideas for using strings of Christmas lights in home decor. String lights are incredibly versatile, and bring a soft, romantic glow to any room. Best of all, they are also inexpensive and easy to move into different configurations. Another great way to create a focal point with your lighting choices is to use Edison style bulbs. These old-fashioned light bulbs are visually appealing in and of themselves. You don't have to be an interior designer to know how to brighten up your space with these.

Strings of lights are incredibly versatile, and bring a soft glow to any room. Best of all, they are also inexpensive and easy to move into different configurations.

Take Things Down a Notch

Perhaps the best way to use lighting to set a tone is by installing a dimmer switch. Today's options offer great features, including the ability to control the lighting levels remotely. Dimmers offer the best of both worlds: you can have plenty of light when needed but can lower the light to create an intimate feel.

Head Back into the Dark Ages

Technology is great, but there is something tried and true about using candlelight to transform a space. Whether scented or unscented, pillars, tapers, votives or tealights, candles say 'romance.' There are also seemingly endless choices when it comes to finding the perfect candle holders, which can also add a layer of style in your rooms. You won't even have to take these down after Valentine's Day. 

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