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Portable Fireplaces Bring the Heat to Any Room

Portable Fireplaces Bring the Heat to Any Room

Another Ohio winter rapidly approaches. If you find your home heating system lacking in a room or two, you may be able to cure the problem with new storm windows, multiple forced air furnaces, zone heating and thousands upon thousands of dollars. Or, you could simply set yourself up with some auxiliary heat in the form of a portable fireplace or space heater! Besides their affordability and handsome styling, these units deliver the versatility of mobility. Alternatively, they can be hung on a wall or inset for a permanent look to put the polish on your decorating scheme.

All the Comforts of a Traditional Fireplace

Electric fireplaces, as wall insets, can offer all the comforts of a traditional hearth without these downsides:

  • Acquiring a supply of wood. The authentic crackle of a real fire, admittedly, is hard to beat. But for some of us, the constant work and expense of laying in another year's supply of wood, clean-up after dragging loads inside, and fear of what might be lurking within it is a luxury we can do without.
  • Cleaning the firebox and flue. Um, no thanks. 
  • House heat going up the chimney. Burning in a fireplace requires some cold outside air for combustion and to maintain the upward draft. Plus, the fire draws in the ambient air, too. So, while the fire is warming your toes nearby, it's sucking heat out of the rest of the house and drawing in cold air through the cracked window. Your net heat gain is actually an overall loss. Plus, you have to leave the flue open for hours after the fire burns down to coals, further dragging your centrally heated air up the stack.
  • Worrying about fire hazards. If left unattended or unscreened, popping embers can leap out and ignite the flooring or furniture. Also, an excessive build-up of creosote in the chimney can catch fire and rapidly spread to your attic or roof.

The aesthetics of fake fires have come a long way since they were first developed. With these modern styles from Northern Lighting, you might have to examine the fire closely before you can detect that it's not real.

Additional Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

Besides curing the above problems with a traditional fireplace, an electric model adds these other benefits:

  • Plugs in, so no electrician needed. Because the portable fireplaces are just that, portable, they plug into your standard wall jack. There's no need for expensive, professional hardwiring.
  • No combustion by-products. Since electric fireplaces either heat metal coils or a closed reservoir of oil to produce the heat, you have no exhaust to vent or fire to feed with cold air. The portable fireplace adds heat to a room without removing any from other zones in the home. Keep your windows closed and enjoy all the warmth.
  • Looks very realistic. The aesthetics of fake fires have come a long way since they were first developed. With these modern styles from Northern Lighting, you might have to examine the fire closely before you can detect that it's not real.
  • Have heat or none. What if you have a crowded party happening and want the illusion of a burning fireplace without the heat? No problem. Keep the light on but turn the heat off. If later you wish to add heat, use the optional remote control to stoke up the element.

They Work as Space Heaters, Too! 

Because these electric fireplaces are lightweight, they can be moved readily. Some models have, or can be adapted with, casters. These aren't your typical little utilitarian space heaters. They're beautiful furniture, too. These are some of the benefits of free-standing electric fireplaces:

  • Backup uneven central heat. If your central heating system consistently leaves some areas cold, you can supplement the heat in only those cold spots without having to overheat the rest of the house.
  • Electric doesn't heat by combustion. Like the wall units, the space heaters burn no fuel, so you can breathe easy wherever they are.
  • Much safer and more effective than ever before. Anytime you have intense heat, a potential fire hazard exists. However, if you follow all of the safety recommendations that come with the device, your chances of catastrophe drop to near zero. Additionally, at 5,000 BTUs, these gorgeous space heaters spread the warmth faster and more efficiently than previous generations of less attractive heaters.

Need a light? Shop now!

Northern Lighting carries a wide array of electric fireplaces and space heaters to keep you toasty all winter long. Located in Westerville and serving the greater Columbus area, our friendly staff would love to visit with you and help you find the perfect fireplace or accessories to enhance your comfort and style. Be on the look out for those colorful dot stickers when you walk through the showroom, which indicate the item is on sale!