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Don't Wait to Prep Your Lighting for the Holidays!

Don't Wait to Prep Your Lighting for the Holidays!

Before you even consider setting the table for your holiday meals, now is the time to prepare the kitchen and dining room with lighting. Not only will the right lighting enhance your holiday decor, it will make meal preparations and relaxing with family and friends more enjoyable. Choosing the right lighting can instantly help add drama, ambiance and a bold statement to the overall decor of your home. Whether you prefer shimmery chandeliers, stylish pendants or rustic sconces, Northern Lighting has a wide variety of lighting options to help add a touch of flare to all of your decorating as well as holiday needs. 


Chandeliers are perfect for lighting up your next festive gathering! Whether it be fall, Halloween or Christmas, a chandelier can be the perfect backdrop for party decorations. Chandeliers are one of the most popular types of lighting for dining rooms because they are available in a wide variety of designs, such as crystal and glass or with a simple, modern design. They provide the appropriate lighting needs and make a great conversational piece.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are versatile, decorative light fixtures suspended from the ceiling, typically in a kitchen or dining room. Pendant lights are generally inexpensive and offer a quick way to instantly update the dining room or kitchen. One of the best things about pendant lights is that you can choose from a vast array of shades that will compliment your decor and allow the light to be focused directly over a kitchen island or the dining room table.

Task Lights

When cooking holiday meals, it is important to have the appropriate lighting. Areas in the kitchen, such as cooking areas, meal preparation areas and countertops, should have lights that are bright enough for you to read the recipe for your favorite pumpkin pie without casting a shadow over your preparation area. Direct lighting, such as recessed lights, are ideal for using as task lights. This type of direct lighting is also perfect for use as an accent light.

Chandeliers are perfect for lighting up your next festive gathering! Whether it be fall, Halloween or Christmas, a chandelier can be the perfect backdrop for party decorations.

Decorating with Lights

When decorating for the holidays, don’t forget to include the lighting in your home. To help you get started preparing for the season changes and the holidays, here are a few ideas for incorporating lighting into your decorations.

Fall: A few fall lighting ideas include dimming the lights on chandeliers and pendants or choose lights that are in a lower color temperature to produce a warm, orange-colored light. This is also the perfect time to change the light bulbs to LEDs because they are the most energy-efficient, which will help lower your energy costs during the chilly fall days. Adding covers to chandelier bulbs, such as lantern or pumpkin shapes, are a fun and unique way to add style to your fall decorations.

Halloween: Whether you are planning a costume party or just simply love all things Halloween, flicker-flame decorative lights are a great way to quickly transform your chandelier, electric candles and/or wall sconces.

Christmas: Dress your pendant lights and chandeliers with Christmas tree branches, holiday ornaments and ribbons for a quick transformation from everyday lighting to holiday lighting. The bulbs in your chandelier and pendant lights can also be switched to bulb colors that coordinate with the colors of your other decorations. For example, if your primary color is blue, consider switching every other bulb in the chandelier to blue.

When changing the bulbs on your chandelier, it is important to use 25-watt bulbs or lower in order to safeguard against the possibility of starting a fire, especially when using decorations, such as garland. 

It's Never to Early to Shop!

Keep in mind that the holidays will be here before you know it. There is nothing worse than trying to complete a home improvement project during the holidays, so in order to beat the crowds it is best to start shopping now for your new lighting.

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Whatever type of lighting needs you have, Northern Lighting has something to suit them, and if you need the services of a contractor/electrician to install your new lighting, we can help with that as well. Contact us so you can schedule now before the holiday rush hits! And don't forget to keep your eye out for those colored dots on items throughout the store — those little dots means you'll be saving 10 to 40 percent off your item!