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All Exterior Lighting On Sale Now

All Exterior Lighting On Sale Now

With pleasant weather and long days, retreating to the interior of the house becomes difficult after the sun goes down. While porch lights may provide enough basic illumination on their own to keep you outside in the warm night air, with an entire lighting system, you'll be much more comfortable as you grill up some dinner, eat and relax. Here are some of the benefits of installing an exterior lighting plan around your property. 

Make sure you read to the end to find out how you can get great exterior lighting at a great deal!


By illuminating your landscaping, pathways and entrances, you and your guests can negotiate the routes and steps without tripping hazards ruining your night. Plus, children can continue playing on the lawn where you can keep a watch over them. 

Street-side lighting exudes the sense of an occupied house as much as it enhances its curb appeal. Unwelcome intruders look for dark and lonely houses to raid, so exterior lighting is worth every penny to simply reinforce your home's security. Burglars will pass by a well-lit home. They steer toward dark access points, and any indication that they could be seen breaking into a house is often enough to discourage them from a potential target. 

By illuminating your landscaping, pathways and entrances, you and your guests can negotiate the routes and steps without tripping hazards ruining your night.


An artistically-designed lighting plan shows off the attractive features of your home and landscaping, making for a pleasant view around your property. Architectural features, flower beds, shrubs, ponds and swimming pools take on a dramatic flair with spotlighting from hidden fixtures. As the sun goes down and the exterior lighting comes on, you may feel as though you are living in a luxury resort.


As enchanting and secure as nocturnal lighting is, in the daytime, your home may also enjoy the unlit beauty of your attractive fixtures. From overhead patio fans and chandeliers to pilaster lamps and wall sconces, your exterior light fixtures should be lovely decorative accents by day. 

Exterior Lighting Sale 

If you've been considering adding exterior lighting to your property, you're in luck. Northern Lighting now has all exterior lighting fixtures on sale. Right now, all exterior lighting, wiring, transformers and exterior ceiling fans are 10 percent off. This sale runs through the end of July. Come in today to see our vast array of outdoor lighting options!

While you're here, you can check out our interior lighting and home accents, as well. Our expert and friendly staff are always happy to help you explore our large showroom and answer any questions you may have. For more lighting and decorative ideas, please visit our blog here. And don't forget to leave us a review on Google and Yelp.