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Brighten Dad's Day With a Gift From Northern Lighting

Brighten Dad's Day With a Gift From Northern Lighting

Our fathers do everything for us — from helping us learn how to change tires and oil in our vehicles to making sure we always feel safe, warm and loved. This Father's Day, reward them for all the years that they spent looking out for you with some stunning lighting options that will highlight everything they love about their favorite rooms, no matter what their style is. 

Whether your dad is more of an outdoor chandelier guy or someone who would like some pendant lights over his outdoor bar, you are sure to find the ideal gift for dads at Northern Lighting. 

Staying Entertained

Creating a cozy man-cave is a must for dads who enjoy entertaining or just like to unwind with a quick drink at the end of the day. Having somewhere that dad can feel comfortable and enjoy himself after a long, hard day at work is important, and our pendant lights can really help set the mood. Whether you're looking for something relatively informal, or a highly-structured piece that will direct light exactly down on their cocktail mixing space, you are sure to find a stunning design that will fit with your décor.

Grilling and Chilling

Few things are more relaxing after a hard week of work than grabbing a cold beverage and heading to the backyard to grill with friends and family. This low-stress form of relaxation goes better with the right lighting, and wall mounts and a sconce will ensure that dad doesn't burn his steak when he's at his outdoor grilling station! Create a relaxed ambience for eating when you add an outdoor chandelier to the eating area.

Wall mounts and a sconce will ensure that dad doesn't burn his steak when he's at his outdoor grilling station!

Doing His (Home) Work

Now more than ever, people are working from home on a regular basis. How can you ensure that Dad's eyesight isn't affected by poor lighting? Task lighting or additional lamps for his home office are a thoughtful way to ensure that his eyesight stays strong. 

Get Crafty

There's no reason that workshops need to be dank, dirty spots. Instead, you can create a well-lit haven for your father by adding in some workshop lights. Eye strain is no joke, and working around sharp objects such as sanders and drills without adequate lighting is a recipe for disaster.

Don't wait until the week of Father's Day to find the ideal gift for your dear ol' dad! Come see us today to add some light and enjoyment to his favorite rooms. This is a great time to shop for a Father's Day gift, as our Clearance Dot Sale is going strong! Right now: 

  • Red dot items are 10 percent off
  • Yellow dot items are 20 percent off
  • Blue dot items are 30 percent off
  • Green dot items are 40 percent off
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