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Lighting Adds Enjoyment and Value to Landscaping Ponds

Lighting Adds Enjoyment and Value to Landscaping Ponds

Adding a pond to your existing landscaping is a goal that many homeowners share. Not only does a water element add a great deal of dimension to a landscape, there are also numerous health benefits associated with spending time outdoors in a relaxing setting. 

An outdoor pond provides an excellent opportunity for homeowners to sit back, relax and slow the pace of any given day. Including lighting within the plans for a pond can extend the amount of time that this landscaping element can be enjoyed. 

Why Add Lighting to a Pond?

Most homeowners struggle to find time to relax. In the course of any given workday, we spend the bulk of our time making a living. By the time we return home, there is precious little time left in the day to enjoy the exterior of our homes, including landscaping features such as a pond. 

The weekends can be even more chaotic as we rush to catch up on the things that could not be accomplished during the week. Once the sun sets, the hard work and care that goes into creating a waterscape is largely inaccessible. Adding lighting gives homeowners the option of enjoying their pond for many more hours of the day. 

What Kind of Lighting Options are Available?

There are a wide range of available choices when it comes to pond lighting. Some homeowners will choose rock lights, which provide illumination without drawing attention to the lighting source. 

An illuminated pond is easy for homeowners, children, pets and guests to see, which can prevent accidents from taking place.


Others want a more dramatic flair, and select floating lights that sit on top of the water and act as decorative elements in and of themselves. Yet another option is provided with submergible lights, which sit at the bottom of the pond and direct light upward. 

There are a number of options to choose from, and a lighting solution to fit virtually every set of needs and budget. 

Are There Other Benefits of Pond Lighting?

Aside from increasing the number of hours that homeowners can enjoy their ponds, adding lighting has several other benefits. An illuminated pond is easy for homeowners, children, pets and guests to see, which can prevent accidents from taking place. 

In addition, a well-lit pond can dissuade predators from attacking the fish and plants that live in the waterscape, which saves money in the long run. Lighting also allows a homeowner to change the focal point within their landscape after the sun sets and acts as an accent to highlight the water feature . 

At Northern Lighting, our team is here to help you meet all of your lighting needs, both inside and outside of your home. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have concerning pond lighting choices and can help you create a lighting plan that will make your pond shine, regardless of the time of day. 

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