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Find the Right Lighting For Your Space

Find the Right Lighting For Your Space

Choosing the right home lighting for you could mean the difference between what feels like a dim house and an inviting home. To create the most enticing area, you should first ask yourself what the space is used for. Is it for entertaining, relaxing or for safety? Certain types of lighting produce remarkable highlights. Layering contrasting lights are a great way to create an appealing home or backyard. Knowing the basics is the key to producing a wonderful illuminating effect for your home.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the essential first step to placing your lights. These lights cover the entire area with little glare. You can use wall-mounts, a chandelier, recessed lighting, as well as table and floor lamps. Outdoor living spaces with ambient lighting can be beautiful and make your home more uplifted. Once you have this basic feature you can add to it to get the best lighting quality. For example, fireplaces and portable fire pits increase elegance and creates a magnificent backdrop for your outdoor kitchen or patio. At Northern Lighting, you can find the perfect ambient lights for your living space.

Task Lighting

Task lighting refers to lights that brightly illuminate areas where everyday activities take place. Under-cabinet kitchen lighting helps you visually when preparing and cooking meals. Direct lights, such as table and desk lamps, are useful for working, studying and reading. Task lighting improves productivity, decreases eyestrain and reduces glare on reflective countertops. One excellent benefit of task lighting is that you can direct the light where you want it. Northern Lighting’s desk lamps are small and can easily be moved, especially ones with rotating parts. Some under-cabinet lighting can have adjustable angles to better direct the light.

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Accent Lighting

Outdoors is where most accent lights are used. They highlight certain areas of your lawn to capture and portray an alluring look. Place these lights at the bottom of trees or along walkways, and mount spotlights on the exterior of your home to focus attention to those areas. Inside, accent lights are secured around sculptures, paintings, house plants, and other desirable features to draw attention to those spaces. 

Layer Your Lights

When layering your home lighting, begin with ambient light because it gives you a basic, overall lighting coverage. Then place lamps in directed areas. If your study needs more light than the living room, you can direct more attention to that area. Finally, accent lights should not take the focus away from the main areas of a room. They are meant to highlight certain spots. 

Task lighting includes direct lights, such as table and desk lamps.

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