Spruce up your outdoor spaces with our beautiful selection of outdoor lighting fixtures.
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Northern Lighting
5585 Westerville Rd
WestervilleOH 43081
 (614) 891-7600

Don't Miss Our Clearance Dot Sale

Don't Miss Our Clearance Dot Sale

Lighting equals perception — it not only affects what you see, but how you see it. It affects how you feel and how well you function within a given space. What you want to do determines the kind of lighting you need, and whatever you need, we've got it! And there's never been a better time to visit the Northern Lighting showroom.

Our Clearance Dot Sale is Back 

We are giving you the only thing better than our considerable selection, and that is a discount price on everything from home lighting to a change in decor. When you find the red, yellow or blue dot on items throughout the store, that means savings for you! Red dot items are 10 percent off, yellow dot items are 20 percent off and blue dot items are 30 percent off. You can shop by the item or by the color of the dot. Either way, we have what you want at an even better price! So what can you get with these incredible discounts? Just about anything. 

Indoor Lighting

Think about the atmosphere in each room of your house and consider how you want it to feel. Lighting affects mood, and you can use it to set the tone. You can light the ceilings, the wall, and/or the floors to adjust the functionality of the same room. We have fixtures that provide softer lighting for relaxing or entertaining conservative company, and those that will brighten everything that you need to show off for a more boisterous crowd. 

Outdoor Lighting

Are you looking to illuminate a path outside or do you want to see every blade of grass in your yard? You can give your yard, garden, patio or any exterior space the look and feel you want with the proper lighting. Whether you're having intimate conversations, all out shindigs, or just want a little light in the darkness, you can find lighting options that work for you. 

Select Items will be Available for 10 to 30 Percent Off.

Little Things Mean A Lot

We can absolutely accommodate the biggest of projects, but we can also handle the smallest of changes that can make the biggest differences. Our light fixtures can be as ornate or generic as you want them to be. Sometimes they are show pieces on their own, but it is the accessory that can totally change a space around. Color, shape, and texture are the keys to the personality of a given space. All you need is a theme and our products will take care of the rest. Have you ever thought about how natural light changes during the year? How about changing the feel of your space with the changes of the seasons? Of course you've thought about holidays, but what about the time of year itself? With winter coming, we have an immense selection to cover any concept of your imagination. Since winter is symbolic of cold and hard, perhaps you want your space to be warm and soft

Find it All at Northern Lighting 

You can find great lighting solutions for all your needs at Northern Lighting. Make sure you stop by our showroom during our clearance dot sale to get the best deals. 

Shop the Clearance Dot Sale for the Best Deals!