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Update Lighting Fixtures in Time for Holiday Parties

Update Lighting Fixtures in Time for Holiday Parties

The holidays are quickly approaching, and that means you'll likely be entertaining family and friends in your home. If your dining room seems antiquated or stale, be proactive and rehabilitate it before opening your home to holiday parties and dinners. Something as simple as a festive placemats, accent lighting or a lovely chandelier can make an enormous difference.

Evaluate Your Dining Room's Existing Lighting

Walk over to your dining room and turn on the light. Does it create a welcoming atmosphere that inspire feelings of happiness? Does it stimulate free-flowing conversation? If your light does not illuminate the center of the table along with the rest of the room, it is time to make some changes. Most of the important holiday activity takes place in this area of the home. Do not hesitate to add a couple new bright lights if that is what is necessary to create a space that looks visually inviting.

Incorporate a chandelier

Incorporate a Chandelier

A lovely chandelier is one of the best ways to provide an influx of light for your dining room. While any old light can illuminate a dining space, a chandelier performs this function in an artful manner. There is no doubt that chandeliers are the most beautiful of all lights. Incorporate one in your dining room for the holidays and your guests will rave about your taste. More importantly, the chandelier will provide ample illumination for your eating space. Guests will feel right at home while dining beneath a beautiful new chandelier light like this Eight Light Chandelier. The Kichler 16 Light Chandelier is another excellent option. Stemming from the Camerena collection, this glorious chandelier is available with a brushed nickel or olde bronze finish. If you are in the market for an elegant chandelier, check out this jaw-dropping Tiffany 12 Light Chandelier. Featuring a Candelabra bulb base, this stunning piece holds a dozen 60-watt bulbs.

When shopping for a chandelier, it is imperative that you consider how this unique light functions. It sends light in all directions at once. Some feature a downlight to provide accent lighting on the middle section of the table. Opt for a chandelier that is half a foot narrower than the dining room table's narrower dimension. Those who have an 8-foot ceiling should hang the chandelier 30 inches above the table. Tack on an extra inch for each additional foot of height.

Track, Recessed and Accent Lighting

If you are on the fence as to whether a chandelier is the best way to update your home lighting, consider some other solutions. From track lighting to recessed illumination and pendants, there are all sorts of lighting choices that can revolutionize the look and feel of your dining room. If you opt for track or recessed lighting, make sure they blend in nicely with the dining room's existing aesthetic. Those who opt for accent lighting should layer it to highlight existing artwork or select pieces of furniture. If necessary, pick out a new piece of art for the purpose of matching it with the accent light to create the ultimate dining room look just in time for the holidays.