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Restoration Style Lighting is Perfect For the Kitchen

Restoration Style Lighting is Perfect For the Kitchen

Is your kitchen starting to bore you? Liven things up with some new lighting. What seems like a fairly minimal addition can make an enormous impact on both the look and the feel of your home's cooking space. Restoration lighting fixtures are all the rage these days, and there is nowhere they would look better than hanging in your kitchen. 

Rustic Meets Modern

Restoration lighting has the potential to transform your kitchen. Way back in the early 1900s, Americans reveled in their new electric lighting. The coiled filament bulb was all the rage and many homeowners left them exposed without shades. Some used fresnel style glass or opalized glass to optimize the bulbs' output. These bright and uniquely styled electric lamps serve as the inspiration for Northern Lighting's vast selection of restoration home lighting, many of which fit perfectly into the standard kitchen aesthetic.

Just look at our gorgeous Four Light Mini Chandelier, our auburn stained Eight Light Chandelier and our lovely English Bronze Six Light Chandeliers. Each provides generous lighting, a rustic feel and the idiosyncratic restoration style charm that every kitchen or dining room will benefit from.

Restoration Lighting Can Revitalize Your Kitchen

Conversation Starters

Implement some restoration lighting into your kitchen, and you'll enjoy a straightforward and clean lighting style. These lights add a vintage feel along with a historical element to the kitchen. Aside from providing ample bright light, our restoration fixtures serve as the perfect subject for conversation when guests come over. Trust us, they'll be dying to know where you got your new lights. 

More importantly, the right restoration light can revitalize your kitchen in terms of how it looks and how you feel when spending time in the room. These lights have simple but reliable designs that stand the test of time and always emit powerful light that pours across your cooking space.

Don't be afraid to buck convention and leave the bulbs exposed. This is a common theme amongst restoration lights and it provides a fresh style that you and your guests will certainly appreciate. Other restoration style lights such as the Eight Light Pendant don't leave the bulb completely exposed but make it visible for added illumination and style.

Visit Northern Lighting Today

Come on in to Northern Lighting and you'll have no shortage of kitchen lighting options to choose from. Our lighting store inventory is expansive. It includes all sorts of lighting fixtures, shades, bulbs and other lighting related sundries. Whether you have a traditional home, a restaurant or any other business, you'll be able to find the perfect light for your environment here at Northern Lighting. Take a look at our Five Light Chandelier, Three Light Mini Chandelier, Three Light Island Chandelier and our Two Light Foyer Pendant.

We also carry an array of other home decor products, including sconces and ceiling fans. Visit with one of our friendly associates today and we'll help you choose the best lights for your kitchen as well as the rest of your home. You can find us at 5585 Westerville Road in Westerville. If you'd like to contact us by phone, do not hesitate to call us at 614-891-7600.

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