Spruce up your outdoor spaces with our beautiful selection of outdoor lighting fixtures.
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Exterior Lighting Sale

Exterior Lighting Sale

One exciting way to make an attractive home improvement is to use exterior lighting, which enhances the features of the landscaping and makes a home look beautiful at night. Right now is a great time to think about exterior lighting and exterior fans for the patio, as Northern Lighting has those items on sale. Everyone is certain to find the perfect light or accessory because Northern Lighting has over 100,000 items from which to choose.

Designers know that the exterior of the home can make a stunning statement with the proper lighting and accessories. Here are some of the items that can add a special elegance to the exterior of your home:

  • Illuminated Street Numbers - When inviting guests over for a dinner party, it is helpful for them to be able to see the street number of the house as they drive up to make sure they are in the correct place.
  • Path Lighting - As the guests walk to the front door, it is best to have path lighting or decorative post lighting to make it easy for them to find the way.
  • Step Lighting - To make sure guests do not trip on steps at night, convenient step lighting directs light downwards onto the steps.
  • Door Chimes - Attractive illuminated door chimes welcome guests with a variety of enjoyable musical tones.
  • Mailboxes - Mailboxes are available in styles that range from antique to contemporary to match the décor of any home.
  • Tree and Shrub Lighting - Lighting of shrubs makes them stand out at night. Lighting majestic trees lifts the gaze upwards towards the backdrop of a beautiful night sky.

Illuminate Your Options

  • Wall Mounted Lights - The choices for these are amazing. There are antique wall mount lights that hang out from the wall and lights that mount flush to the wall, including stunning exterior sconces. Wall mounted spotlights are adjustable to direct the light towards any of the landscaping.
  • Hanging Lights - Where there is an overhang, such as a covered walkway or a covered patio, hanging lights are terrific. There are lights that mount directly to the ceiling, as well as chandeliers.
  • Gas Lanterns - These gas-powered lanterns work in areas without electricity and create a feeling of old-world charm.
  • Security Lights - These utility lights can be set to turn on automatically by motion sensors as a burglary or vandalism deterrent.
  • Outdoor Fans - For those warmer days, the patio is much more comfortable with an outdoor fan.
  • Patio Furniture and Garden Benches - Durable metal furniture that is all-weather resistant stays permanently in the garden. Benches provide a nice place to sit or to display plants in pots for extra eye-appeal.
  • Fountains and Birdbaths - No respectable garden is complete without a fountain and a birdbath. The sound of running water is soothing and the movement of the water creates ionized air that is crisp and fresh to breath. There are wall-mounted fountains and others that are designed as stand-alone units. Add a birdbath to attract birds for their delightful birdsongs.

What's Bright? 100,000 exterior lighting fixtures & accessories now on sale. Shop now!

These are just a few ideas to make the exterior of homes as exquisite and attractive as the interior. Enjoy the adventure of designing the perfect exterior look with the help of the knowledgeable staff of Northern Lighting. Visit their website at NorthernLighting.net, call them at 614-891-7600, or stop by the showroom located at 5585 Westerville Rd. in Westerville, Ohio.